Motorbike Suits

Art: 2015-003

Red Green Blue
Small Medium Large


• 1 PC sUit with PRE-CURvEd ARms & lEGs foR PERfECt fit & ComfoRt RidinG

• PREmiUm fUll GRAin Cow hidE 1.2-1.4 mm thiCKnEss foR ExCEllEnt AbRAsion REsistAnt

• REmovAblE CE APPRovEd PRotECtoRs on shoUldERs, Elbows & KnEEs ACCoRdinG to En 1621-1

• ExtERnAl moldEd PRotECtion on shoUldER

• shoCK AbsoRbER PAddinG is PRovidEd on fRont foR mAximUm PRotECtion

• sPots ExPosEd to stRonGER AbRAsion ARE REinfoRCEd thRoUGh A sECond lEAthER lAYER

• bi-ElAstiC KEvlAR on innER thiGhs

• hEAvY dUtY nYlon stREtCh PAnEl in ARms, insEAms & CAlvEs foR ComfoRt movEmEnt

• YKK fRont ziP ClosURE

• moistURE wiCKinG nEoPREnE is UsEd in CollAR And CUff foR mAximUm ComfoRt

• bACK hUmP foR imPRovEd AERodYnAmiC & PERfoRmAnCE

• 10mm thiCK mEmoRY foAm bACK PRotECtoR

• bREAthAblE mEsh lininG (100% PolYEstER)

• tRiPlE & doUblE stitCh ConstRUCtion with hiGh stREnGth nYlon thREAd foR mAximUm tEAR REsistAnCE

• hiGh REsistAnCE slidERs

• RACE fit